About us

Hamgeo Technologies company was founded on a simple belief, “The software you choose should go with your business; not your business with the software you choose.”, Hamgeo Technologies started with a clear focus on creating cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality industry. With a humble beginning and a simple idea of developing ingenious solutions for the hospitality industry, Hamgeo Technologies company has achieved quick success with its first and flagship product . Today we are one of the few hospitality solutions providers in the world offering a complete set of solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry.

Within a few years, we were able to grow from a small office in the city of Surat to a successful solution provider of 2500 clientele across more than 130 countries. Our global presence has been further solidified through our strong network of more than 60 resellers.

Customers have been the lifeblood of Hamgeo Technologies company ,our team of exceptional individuals who are the driving force for our growth. We take pride in our team a perfect blend of expertise and generalists. While some of the brightest and motivated individuals in the industry strengthen our technical backbone, our marketing strength can be credited to our thinkers of the sales and support team.

Our passion for cutting-edge technology and research has helped us develop many more insightful and innovative solutions for hospitality. These include POS software, channel management software, web-based reservation engines, and web-based ordering software. Solutions developed at Hamgeo Technologies company are the culmination of exhaustive research into the requirements of our clients and the demands of the quickly growing hospitality industry.

A total focused vision is achieved through our team of mentors, all of whom are veterans of the hospitality industry. They bring in unparalleled experience and expertise to motivate and guide the multi talented team of individuals to achieve success through all our products.


Provide innovative products and services to our clients enabling them to offer superior service to their guests in the hospitality industry.


Our vision is to become a world leader in the hospitality industry recognized for providing innovative consumer centric products and services.

Core Values

At Hamgeo Technologies company we are committed to building products and relationships with our clients and partners around the world. Our core values represent the attitude and the way we work at eZee.

Customers: Hamgeo Technologies company exists solely to serve customers, whose continuous needs and requirements are the driving force behind our constant innovation of our products and services. We are dedicated to fulfilling customer needs and honoring commitments on time that we have made to them. We create lasting relationships beyond boundaries and create long-term value for our customers, because it is our customer’s business success, which bring our success.

Innovation: Innovation is a culture and attitude at Hamgeo Technologies company , we promote creative thinking and ideas in everything we do on a daily basis. Constant innovations are made through the identification, development, and deployment of the latest technology; to improve upon our products and services giving our customers tomorrow’s solution today.

Global Teamwork: Each member at Hamgeo Technologies company is part of a global team, who values each other, operate in total sync with generosity of spirit, and do what they love to do. Each team member inspires, challenge, and support each other to be the best and it is through interdepartmental cooperation we achieve success.

Respect: Every individual at Hamgeo Technologies company is different and it is the same difference, which makes us united through mutual respect and aspiration among each other. People from all lifestyles and from different backgrounds work in an environment where individual ideas, thoughts and work is respected and will ensure our long-term success of our customers, employees and the company.

Integrity: Our business establishment and process is in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and high ethical values. Our business processes are transparent and honest in relations with our customers, partners, employees, and people who are exposed to Hamgeo Technologies company.